December 9, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER) – via mobile phone-not present for full meeting; G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. JH – Clarify/post Rules 11. (1-1 ball/strike count) and 16. (Sun Affecting Batters Rule) on league website — completed 11/10.  Item closed.

b. JH – Generate/post new Commitment Line and new Wet Base/Bag Rules on league website
— completed 11/10.
JH – Email above new rules to managers, umpires, players — completed11/10.  Item closed.

c. JH – Email umpires and managers reminding them that lineup cards are to be submitted to the opposing team and umpire — completed 11/11.  Item closed.  

d. SB – provide a list of potential AED Program Managers — completed 11/10.
Ed Rushing, Bob Miller, Steve Kakuska, Mike Moller, Denny McCoy and Dennis Hunt were identified.
ER was asked if he would assume this role and he, graciously, agreed.  SB will transport the AED to the field each week.
Once per month, SB will turn the AED over to ER, who will perform the necessary checks/review of the AED.
JH will provide previously prepared AED forms for ER’s use when reviewing the AED.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH emailed AED forms to ER.)  Item closed.

2. 2022 Fall Season

a. Projected Balance:

    $311.61 – from 11/4/2022 meeting
    –  $45.00 – league fee for 1 less player (Frank Camou)
    + $30.00 – redeposit (Steve umpired (1) 11/7)
    + $25.00 – $75 actual cost instead of $100 estimated cost for new managers’ gifts

b. Scheduling/Rescheduling Games

(1)  Game scheduling/rescheduling is always difficult because of weather factors, BLD commitments for other dates, etc.  The Board discussed/considered the following:

(a)  Extend the fall season to get in all games
(b)  Play only those games that will impact standings, and cancel all others.  Not all teams will play the same number of games.
(c)  Reduce the season to 12 games and have a single elimination tournament.  Not all teams will play the same number of games.
(d)  If games are rained out, add the games to next season.  May not be feasible due to availability of dates, playing later into the summer heat, and requiring more double headers.
(e)  Consider using different fields on a temporary/as needed basis.  
(f)  RB suggested that we consider “making up” rained out games on Wednesdays, moving 12/12/22 games to 12/14/22 and 12/19/22 games to 12/21/22 if necessary.   The Board discussed the pros/cons of doing this and agreed, unanimously without vote, to try this if BLD would make Wednesdays available.  RB will contact Tom Lowry, at BLD, to see if the fields will be available.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, RB confirmed that the fields would be available on Wednesdays.  On 12/9, SB sent an email to players/umpires advising of the possibility of moving games from Monday to Wednesday regarding 12/12 and subsequent games.  Sunday, 12/11, SB sent email to players/umpires advising that the 12/12 games were canceled and rescheduled to 12/14 if field conditions permit.)

(2)  Games scheduled for Monday, 1/2/23.  Concern was raised about playing on this day/date as Rose Bowl parade, bowl games, etc. will be occurring.  The issue, as with above is the lack of available play dates.  Monday, 1/16/23, as example, is not available for use.  SB indicated that at present, the games currently scheduled on 1/2/23 are on one field, with 6 local teams over three time slots.  He proposed to add one additional field, move the game scheduled for 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and move the game scheduled for NOON to 10:30.  This would mean that 4 teams would be done by 10:30 a.m., and two teams done by NOON.  There would be an additional cost for one field and an additional umpire.
Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to these changes.  Item closed.

3. 2023 Spring Season

a. Tentatively scheduled to start on January 23, 2023.

b. Purchase 6 doz. Rock softballs from SSUSA at $80/doz.  No tax and no S/H if purchase 6 dozen or more.
Ray Sikes would like 2 doz.  Al Shelley proposed not using Rocks for safety reasons.

(1)  The Board discussed the concern of player, Al Shelly, that the Rock ball not be used because of safety issues.   The Board certainly acknowledges that the Rock ball is “live.”  MVUDSS has used the Rock ball for many  years.  When the supply chain issues of recent years created a problem in obtaining Rock balls, alternative balls were used.  Players soundly complained about the different balls, and called for the return of the Rock.  MVUDSS does everything reasonable to protect its players, including: requiring pitchers to wear required SSUSA protective gear; utilizing a pitching screen to protect pitchers, which is not an SSUSA requirement; and allowing runners on 1st and 3rd to move into foul territory when facing a left and right-handed batter respectively.  The Board concluded with saying that it feels it properly protects its players and that, by its very application, the playing of softball has inherent risks.  The Board does not see a need, at present, to change its softball of choice.  Item closed.  

(2)  Because of supply chain difficulties, the need for MVUDSS to have sorely needed Rock balls, and the need for Rock balls for the BKMT in February, RB suggested that we purchase 2 cases of Rocks at $960.
Two dozen of those would, ostensibly, go to Ray Sikes ($160), with the balance owed by MVUDSS.  MVUDSS would cover a portion of the balance owed by using its surplus of $321, and SB, graciously, agreed to front the balance needed (+/- $500.)
Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board authorized the purchase of two cases of Rock balls.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 12/12/22, SB purchased 12 dozen Rock balls.)

4. Proposed Policy Changes

a. Charging pool players $3/game played starting in the spring season.  This item was discussed by the Board as there have been some pool players who have been playing every week and, often, multiple games. The pool was established to accommodate players, who, for a variety of reasons, could not commit to playing full time on a team.  Historically, this process has not been abused, and as such, there is no consensus on the Board to consider charging pool players to play in games.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to:

(1)  Revise the Pool Player Policy to state that a pool player who is regularly and consistently playing in league games will be placed on a league team if an appropriate opening is available. If the player declines placement on a team, he will be removed from the pool.  If an opening is not immediately available, he will be suspended from being a pool player until such time as an appropriate opening is available on a team.  At that time he will be placed on a team, and if the player declines placement on a team, he will be removed from the pool.  No restrictions/penalties will apply to a pool player who is also on the Waiting List.
(The Board, at its sole discretion, will determine what is considered regular/consistent.)

(2)  An email communication on this will be sent to all players/pool players.
JH will complete items (1) and (2).  Item remains open.

b. Proposed Revision to Player Discipline Policy/Procedure
JH stated that playing senior softball is a foundational part of the lives of the greater majority of senior softball players.  In light of that, consideration to permanently remove a player from the Monday league is something that should only be carried out after a complete, and thorough, review by the Board.  JH further commented that this is an extremely rare occurrence, having happened only one time in the 11 years of the Monday league.  In that particular case, the unanimous vote of the Board occurred.  However, there is nothing in the existing Player Discipline Policy which deals with the permanent removal of a player from the league, nor a requirement for unanimous vote of the Board in order to do so.  GS indicated that any player/manager that is not directly involved in the incident in question, but may be indirectly involved, such as the manager, who is a Board member, of a player who is involved, must recuse himself from any voting.  As such, JH motioned, and SB seconded, that the following language (in italics) be added to the Player Discipline Policy.

Consideration to permanently ban a player from the MVUDSS league for a serious infraction of rules, policies, behavior, etc. is a matter that, after evaluating all facts,  will be handled carefully, deliberately and thoughtfully by the Board.  A manager of a player involved in such disciplinary consideration, and who is a Board member, must recuse himself from any vote on the matter.  A final vote to permanently ban a player from the MVUDSS league must be carried unanimously.  A Board member(s) who is recused from such a vote because of some level of involvement in the incident(s) in question, is not considered as part of the unanimous vote requirement.  Motion passed 5-0.  JH to modify Player Discipline Policy.  Item remains open.

5. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament 2023 (BKMT6)
As of this meeting, we have 11 teams committed. Scheduled for Wednesday, 2/23/23, with backup Wednesday, 3/1/23.  As in prior tournaments, SB indicated we could take as many as 22 teams.  RB asked how many players 55-59 would be allowed on a 60’s team.  JH indicated that this had come up in a Board meeting prior to the 2022 BKMT, and he believed the Board agreed on two players 55-59.  JH said he would check prior Board minutes and confirm. 
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH identified the following item e. (in bold italics), from the 1/31/22 Board meeting, which addresses this issue.)  

e. Monday player, Joe Jennings inquired of JH if he would be eligible to play in the BKMT5 tournament.  Jennings turns 59 in January 2022.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed that a 60’s team can have up to two (2) 55-59 years old on the team.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH texted Jennings of  this decision, and also told him that as of current, there are no 60’s teams signed up for the tournament.)

6. Open Items

a. GS – update Player Finder to include local players having byes. —  Item remains open.

b. SB – ball bag/screens – GS repaired the legs and fixed the straps on the pitching screens.  GS was not able to repair the handle on the broken ball bag.  Item remains open with respect to ball bag.

7. Roster Changes – REDACT this agenda item only IF NO CHANGES from last board meeting.
(Changes, if any, identified in red below.)

a. Dropouts:
    8/15/22: Mike Morrison dropped out of pool, moved/moving to Missouri
    8/22/22: Hank Alberts (6) dropped out of Sons of Arthritis (C)
    9/4/22:     Matt Smith (5) dropped out of Sons of Arthritis (C)
    9/26/22:   Mike Trusty (5) dropped out of Greyhounds (G)
    10/3/22: Andy Bullington (2) from Gold Standard (D) to pool
    10/31/22: Bill Gillette (2) dropped out of Red Raiders (E)

b. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):
    8/22/22: Sons of Arthritis (C) missing a 6
    9/4/22:   Sons of Arthritis (C) missing a 5
    9/26/22:   Greyhounds (G) missing a 5
    10/3/22: Gold Standard (D) missing a 2
    10/31/22: Red Raiders (E) missing a 2

    8/8/22:   Blue Bolts (B) missing a 6
    8/8/22:   Roadrunners (F) missing a 6
    8/8/22:   Gold Standard (D) missing a 6
    8/8/22:   Greyhounds (G) missing a 6
    8/8/22:   Red Raiders (E) missing a 6

c. New Players:
    9/26/22: Don Kingwill (5) added to Sons of Arthritis (C) replacing Hank Alberts (6)
    10/13/22: Jack Buss (3) added back to pool — lives in Prescott, AZ
    10/13/22: Mike Coltharp (3) added back to pool — 12:00 pm games only
    11/28/22  Robb Braun (3) added to Gold Standard (D) replacing Andy Bullington (2)
    11/28/22  Harold Halldorson (2) added to Red Raiders (E) replacing Bill Gillette (2)

d. Waiting List Players (in eligibility order):
    7/10/22:   Mike Graves (4, drafted as a 4) — will call when ready to play
    8/8/22: Harold Halldorson (1, drafted as a 2) — will call when ready to play
    10/31/22: Terry Shinn (1) — will call when ready to play

e. Miscellaneous:
    1/23/23:   Tel Preszler (3) will drop out of Red Raiders (E) for the 2023 Spring Season.