Fall 2014 Season General Information


The First Annual Tournament for Wounded Warriors on February 26, 2014 was a big success!

The Fall 2014/Spring 2015 player draft was held on Monday, August 25.

The Fall 2014 10-game regular season will start on September 8 and run through November 24; it will be followed by a 3-week single-elimination/double-elimination playoff from December 1 through December 15.

Playoff Format:

  • All teams will be seeded based on the SSUSA seeding criteria, except that the division winners will be Seeded #1 and #2.
  • Seeds #4 - #8 will play a single-elimination playoff with the winner joining Seeds #1, #2, and #3 in a double-elimination playoff for the league championship.
  • Teams may only pick up players from teams not playing that day, the waiting list, or the player pool.
  • The higher seed will have its choice of home or visitor.
  • Awards will be presented to the two playoff finalist teams.

Rule Clarification: Pitcher's protective face mask must be worn over the face.  Sorry, but duh!

League Fees: $30/player for the 6 Menifee teams and $360/team for Brandon's Diner and North County.

Batting Practice:

We will be having batting practices:

  1. Wednesdays at BLD/Perris, 9:00 am 
  2. Mondays (while on hiatus) and Fridays at Spencer's Crossing, 9:00 am

Schedule (next game)

Week 1 January 26 
Time BLD1 BLD2
9:00 am
10:30 am TBD

Home team listed first, except games with an asterisk (*) require a coin flip.

2014 SSUSA Rule Changes

Several rule changes were approved by the SSUSA Rules Committee and went into effect on December 6, 2013.  MVUDSS will incorporate the following SSUSA rule changes plus Rule 5 and 17 league rule changes regarding pickups and playoffs into its fall 2014 season:

  • Commitment Line - The commitment line will be moved from 20 to 30 feet from the home plate/scoring line to reflect the move (over the years) of the base distance from 60 to 70 feet.
  • Face Masks for Pitchers - Pitchers will be required to wear protective face masks.
  • Hit & Sit - On an over-the-fence home run, the batter and base runners will not be required to secure the next base.  They can simply return to the dugout.
  • Crossing or Touching Batters Box - A base runner who runs through or over the batters box attempting to score will be out.

About The League


Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball (MVUDSS) is a Monday morning men's slo-pitch softball league for seniors 55+.  Games are played at the Big League Dreams Sports Park in Perris, CA.

Out-of-area teams have the option of playing once a week or playing bi-weekly doubleheaders.

We use SSUSA tournament rules and approved bats; e.g. the Miken Ultra II is OK.

The league is open to tournament-caliber players.  It currently consists of teams/players from the Menifee Valley, Ontario, Hemet, Palm Springs, and North San Diego County areas, and walk-ons.

"The quality of play in our new league remains at tournament caliber, providing this level of play to local upper division senior softball players on a weekly basis.  As the league gains attention, we are hopeful of attracting enough upper division players to allow us to play two days per week. 

Until such time, we will continue to offer high brand softball to senior players."

... Joe Hansell, league co-founder

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