Spring 2017 Season General Information


The "The Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament" page has been moved under the "More" page.

The home and visiting teams on BLD1 were switched in Week 1.  They will be switched back the next time these same teams meet in Wks 10, 11, and 17.  Refer to the Spring 2017 Schedule of Games - Rev. 2 under the Schedule and Standings page on this website.

The February 27 games were RAINED OUT.  The Spring 2017 season will slip one week and start on March 6. 
Refer to the Spring 2017 Schedule of Games - Rev. 1 under the Schedule and Standings page on this website.

The 8-team Spring 2017 14-game regular season will start on February 27, 2017 and will run through June 19, 2017;
followed by a single-elimination playoff on June 26, 2017.

The February 6 Fall 2016 season rainout playoff games were rescheduled for February 13.
Fall 2016 Final Standings and Playoff Results can be found on the Archives page under More.
Congratulations to North County!  Fall 2016 League Champions.

The North County league is hosting a tournament at the Stagecoach fields in La Costa.
For more information, contact Don Chandler, 760-445-2157
Mon - Tue, June 19-20, 2017: for 70+, 75+, 80+ teams
Wed - Thu, June 21-22, 2017: for 65+ teams

A new page identifying businesses and services provided by some of our league players has been added to this website.
If you'd like to advertise, please give your business card to Steve Baranick.
Refer to the Businesses/Services page under "More".

The Fall 2016/Spring 2017 draft was held on Monday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Playoff Format:

  • All teams will be seeded based on the SSUSA seeding criteria.
  • The top four teams will play a single-elimination playoff for the league championship.
  • Teams may pick up players from the league players, the waiting list, or the player pool.
  • The higher seed will have its choice of home or visitor.
  • Awards will be presented to the two playoff finalists.

Rule Additions/Changes: Rosters (League Fees) - Rule 4, Pickup Players - Rule 6

League Fees: $40/player for the 6 local teams.  $560/team for Brandon's Diner and North County (based on a 14-man roster).
Fee due Monday, February 27.  Make checks payable to Steve Baranick or Joe Hansell.

Pitching Screens: The Monday league board of directors has unanimously agreed that pitching screens are to be used only for Monday league games, batting practices, and other league-sanctioned events.  They are not to be used for any other purpose.

Batting Practices:

We will be having batting practices:

Schedule (next games)

Week 9 May 1
Time BLD1 BLD2
    9:00 am White Time to Win vs. Brandon's Diner Eight Balls vs. Blue Bolts
  10:30 am
Brandon's Diner vs. Blues Brothers Eight Balls vs. Yellow Snow
  12:00 pm
Yellow Snow vs. 55 Shades of Gray
Home team listed first

No games on April 17 and April 24

2017 SSUSA Rule Changes

Several rule changes/clarifications were approved by the SSUSA Rules Committee and went into effect on December 1, 2016.
With the exception of SSUSA Rule 6.16B, MVUDSS will incorporate the following SSUSA rule changes into its remaining fall 2016 season and spring 2017 season:

  • CHOPPED BALL (1.13) – Definition amended at the end of the EFFECT to clarify and affirmatively state that the ball is dead.

  • BATTER‐RUNNER REACHING FIRST BASE (8.4(1))  – Rule was amended to add the phrase “...must touch some portion of the double bag extending into foul territory...” in order to remove confusion by some that touching both the orange and white bag simultaneously results in an out being called. It is NOT an out.

  • COMMITMENT LINE (8.8) – Rule was amended to clarify that after a runner is tagged by a defender on the home plate side of the commitment line and is declared safe, it remains a live ball and he DOES NOT have to proceed to the scoring plate or cross the scoring line.
  • DEAD BALL (9.1X) – Rule was amended to define the effect of a batted ball striking an umpire in fair territory. If in front of, or before being touched by, an infielder: Batter awarded 1st base and on base runners advance only if forced. Otherwise: Live ball.
  • WIND OR SUN AFFECTING BOTH PITCHERS OR SUN AFFECTING BATTERS (6.16B) – The SSUSA amendment to repeal the 2015 rule, allowing the umpire to move the pitcher (and pitching screen) laterally 6 feet when the sun is affecting the batter, was not adopted by our league; i.e. the current rule will remain.  Refer to league Rule 17.c.(5).

About The League


Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball (MVUDSS) is a Monday morning men's slo-pitch softball league for seniors 55+.
Games are played at the Big League Dreams Sports Park in Perris, CA.

Out-of-area teams have the option of playing once a week or playing bi-weekly doubleheaders.

We use SSUSA tournament rules and approved bats; e.g. the Miken Ultra II is OK.

The league is open to tournament-caliber players.  It currently consists of teams/players from the Menifee Valley, Ontario, Hemet, Palm Springs, and North San Diego County areas, and walk-ons.

"The quality of play in our new league remains at tournament caliber, providing this level of play to local upper division senior softball players on a weekly basis.  As the league gains attention, we are hopeful of attracting enough upper division players to allow us to play two days per week. 

Until such time, we will continue to offer high brand softball to senior players."

... Joe Hansell, league co-founder

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