Spring 2022 Season General Information


2022 MVUDSS Spring Season Champions – North County
May 16, 2022


The May 5, 2022 board meeting minutes has been posted on the Board Minutes page.

The next board meeting is scheduled for XXXday, XXX, 12:00 pm, Pizza Factory/Menifee.
Topics to be discussed will include action items and the 2022 Fall Season.

COVID-19 protocols are no longer in effect.  However, should we return to these protocols,
please review the “COVID-19 Safety Measures”.

Schedule (next games)
  Week 20- May 23, 2022
9:00 Top Banana (B) vs. Royal PITA x 4 (D) Red Wave (F) vs. White, the New Gray (C)
10:30 Sammy’s Cafe vs. Greyhounds (G)   Marooned (A) vs. White, the New Gray (C) *
12:00 Sammy’s Cafe vs. The Mashers  (E)  

Home team listed first.  * 2nd game of doubleheader.


The Week 3 January 24 BL2 10:30 & 12:00 games were swapped to balance the number of 12:00 games.
All 9 teams will play either 3 or 4 12:00 games
Refer to the Spring 2022 Schedule of Games – REV. 1 under the Schedule & Standings page.

The rosters with player ratings, rules, schedule, standings, and Player Finder files have been posted on their respective website pages.  

On the spring start date, new players will be required to sign a BLD waiver (similar to the SSUSA waiver).
Players will also be required to sign the MVUDSS “Waiver/Hold Harmless Player Agreement” and pay a league fee.

The 2022 Spring Season will start on Monday, January 10, 2022.

PLAYER FINDER PROGRAM: When missing a player(s), this program will list all potential local team and pool pickup players for that missing player(s).  Refer to the Player Finder page.

Board members’ job descriptions added to the Board of Directors page.

It has come to our attention that there is a safety concern during the pre-9:00 am games batting practice when one team hits from the infield and the other team hits from an outfield corner. Effective immediately:
On the replica fields: (1) in games involving out-of-area teams vs. local teams, both teams will hit from the infield, and (2) in games involving local teams only, both teams will combine to hit from the right field corner.
On the minor league fields, either (1) or (2) above is OK independent of the teams involved in the game.

It appears that some may not be aware that league historical information such as pictures, archives (final standings, playoff/tournament results, a brief summary article for every season), disabled veterans tournaments, an In Memoriam page, etc. can be found under “Useful Links”.

There seems to be some confusion as to which fields are BLD1 and BLD2.  As you are aware, a sign is posted at the entrance to the park indicating which of the six fields we will be using.  The first field listed will be BLD1; the second field listed will be BLD2.

After the last game on a given field, the home team will be responsible for taking down the pitching screen and giving it to Steve Baranick or one of the other Board members.  However, if the last game involves only one local team, that team will take down the screen.

A new page identifying businesses and services provided by some of our players has been added to this website.
If you’d like to advertise, please give your business card to Steve Baranick.
Refer to the Businesses/Services page under “Useful Links”.

Initial Schedule

A 16-game regular season will start on January 10 and will run through May 23, 2022.
No games on January 17 to accommodate players participating in the Top Gun Winter Classic in Bullhead City, AZ.
There will be two doubleheaders for each of the local teams in the initial schedule; however, this may change and/or the season may even be extended a week or two to make up games due to rainouts/cancellations.

Tournament Format (when less than 15 regular season games)
  • All teams will be seeded based on the SSUSA seeding criteria.
  • All league teams will play an end-of-season 2-day single-elimination tournament.
  • Teams may pick up players from the league players, the waiting list, or the player pool.
  • The higher seed will have its choice of home or visitor.
  • Separate awards will be presented to the regular season champions and the tournament champions.

Refer to the Rules-Spring 2022 file (Rule 20.) on the Rules & Policies page.

2022 SSUSA Rule Changes

Several rule changes/clarifications were approved by the SSUSA Rules Committee and went into effect on December 1, 2021.  MVUDSS reviewed and adopted the following rule changes into its Spring 2022 Season.

  • §14. 65 Division to play with 11 on defense (approved by SSUSA 12-0) in MVUDSS-hosted tournaments only.
  • Illegal Softball Rule Language (Rule 3.5.F.1): If an illegal softball is discovered after a player has completed his turn at bat, and before the next pitch, the batter is out, all outs stand, and the other runners must return to the base held prior to the pitch. (SSUSA approved 11-1)
  • Courtesy Runner (Rule 8.5.(5)): UMPIRE shall prevent entry of courtesy runner after pitch has been thrown to batter. (SSUSA approved 12-0) 
Rules & Policies Additions / Changes

The following league rule was modified for the Spring 2022 Season.
Refer to Rule 8. Pickup Players on the Rules & Policies page.

  • Rule 8. Pickup Players:
    When a local team already has three (or more) rostered 1s by virtue of having replaced a 2-rated player(s) from its roster with a 1-rated player(s) from the waiting list, it may not pick up a 1 to replace a missing 1 unless it falls below two 1s. (This rule only also applies to 1 2 thru 4-rated players.)

    In the case of a doubleheader, a local team may pick up one player one (1) Draft Position higher than the Draft Position of only one of the missing players, but ONLY to get that team to ten (10) players.
    The expectation is that a manager will make every reasonable effort to pick up players in the usual manner when missing players during a doubleheader before utilizing this rule. Managers will be on the honor system in this regard.

    Picking up players during a game…

The following league policy was modified for the Spring 2022 Season.
Refer to paragraphs B.8. and C. Adding New Players To A Team Policy on the Rules & Policies page.

  • “…
    B.8. A potential new player…
    C. No new player…
League Fees

$40/player league fee for the Spring 2022 Season.

Pitching Screens

The Monday league board of directors has unanimously agreed that pitching screens are to be used only for Monday league games, batting practices, and other league-sanctioned events.
They are not to be used for any other purpose.

Batting Practice

We will be having batting practices: