June 1, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) – late arrival.
ABSENT: H. Alberts (HA)

1. Venue and Timing for Pre-empted Regular Season and Playoff Games
SB stated that we could wait 2 more weeks and finish up at BLD on July 30, instead of July 16. After discussion, without vote, the general consensus (SB dissented) was to keep the existing schedule intact.
BLD will not be available to the Monday league on June 25 and July 16. Lago Vista Park has been made available to the Monday league at no cost. However, there is a significant sun/backdrop issue with one of the fields. Without vote, but with unanimous consensus by the Board, we will not use Lago Vista Park.
The Monday league has an option to use Wheatfield on the dates in question. No cost and no field prep will be required. Because of the poor quality/safety issue of the outfields, without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board, we will not use Wheatfield.
Valley-Wide has also made Marion Ashley Park available to the Monday league on those dates, also at no cost. While we do not believe that there is a sun issue at these fields, SB is awaiting Vince Veldez’s response regarding the sun. We will have to prep the fields and will need a key to get in. JH motioned, and TJ seconded that the Monday league play their June 25 regularly scheduled games and July 16 playoff games at Marion Ashley Park. Motion passed 4-0. TJ will be responsible for getting the fields lined, etc. On June 25, one field will be required and two fields on July 16. (Subsequent to this Board meeting, SB and HA, separately, visited Marion Ashley Park. Each noted that the outfields, on both fields, were in deplorable/unplayable condition. Via text communication among Board members, the majority consensus, without vote, was to play at Lago Vista Park on June 25 (one field for the 6 “local” teams will be needed) and move the playoffs back by one week to Monday July 23 and play at BLD. This decision will rescind the above 4-0 vote to use Marion Ashley Park.)

2. Insurance Coverage – Lago Vista and Marion Ashley
A few weeks ago, JH contacted Stephanie Hopkins (SH), insurance coordinator for SSUSA, and asked about covering Lago Vista and Marion Ashley under our insurance policy and if there would be any cost involved. JH spoke to SH on Friday, May 25. SH indicated that when we added Wheatfield last year on our insurance coverage, the language in the Certificate of Insurance indicated that all fields under Valley-Wide Recreation would be covered and there would be no additional cost.

3. Playoff Format/Options/Game Times
In the 2/5/18 Board meeting, a motion passed 3-2 (SB/JH) to expand the playoffs to all 8 teams, single elimination, one-day playoff. Although discussed in prior Board meetings, SB reiterated some of the difficulties with this format: heat; pick-up players; number of games/umpires. He offered 2 options for consideration.
Option I:  Currently-proposed 8-team single-elimination playoff format:
all 8 teams in 1 division play for league championship; both finalists receive awards
7 games total —- 4 games/umpire (2-man mechanics for championship game)
requires playing 3 games to win championship
pickup players may have to play up to 4 games total
Option II:  This is a suggestion offered by Glenn Stevenson (GS), although he offered it for consideration
 for the Fall 2018 season. He recommended an 8-team single-elimination playoff format:
2 divisions —- upper and lower
top 4 teams play for league championship; champions receive award
bottom 4 teams play for lower division championship; champions receive smaller award
6 games total —- 3 games/umpire
requires playing 2 games to win championship
pickup players may have to play up to 3 games total
makes regular season games more meaningful
Because of concerns about umpiring and replacement players, SB preferred modifying the format approved in the 2/5/18 Board meeting. SB motioned to rescind the playoff structure approved in the Board meeting on 2/5/18. Motion failed 1 (SB) – 3.
Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed to move the game times for playoffs up one hour to: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, 12:30.

4. Local Team vs. Out-of-Area Team Equalizer
Although he was unable to attend this Board meeting, HA suggested using players’ SSUSA rating;
e.g. to rate teams, then use the SSUSA run equalizer instead of adding an extra 1-rated player.
While no decision was reached on this item, things discussed included: difficulty of individual ratings vis-a-vis team ratings; difficulty/effort in obtaining SSUSA ratings; players constantly changing tournament teams, including ratings. This will remain an open discussion item. The Board will consider this and other possible options for the Fall 2018 season.

5. BLD Restrooms and Attendant Behavior of Some League Players
The Board reviewed the special Board meeting held on May 30 with BLD GM Adrian Williams (AW) on this subject. The Board reviewed the draft communication on this subject and approved its distribution. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB e-mailed this communication to all Monday league players on 6/3/18.)

6. New League Website
The new league website is nearing completion; however, it is available for use at this time.
SB is receiving videos from Glenn Stevenson on how to update the various pages.

7. New League Players
SB indicated the following changes:
On 5/28, Joe Hansell (4) to Ganley’s Gamble replacing Juan Guerrero (4) who dropped out 5/22.
New player Dan Olivas, rated a 2 (by RS only), will also be placed on the waiting list/pool.

8. AED
From a prior Board meeting, league player Andy Bullington (AB) was to discuss the possibility of his assisting Monday league AED Program Manager Mike Fagan (MFa) in running the league’s AED program. AB recently spoke to SB and told him that when he spoke to MFa, MFa indicated that he was OK with conducting the program on his own. On the basis of this, the Board asked SB to invite MFa to the next Board meeting to discuss this subject.

9. Out-of-Area (OOA) Team Adding/Replacing A Roster Player – Rating Player
The difficulty of rating players from OOA teams was discussed at great length. JH motioned and TJ seconded that when an OOA team wants to permanently replace/add a roster player, the proposed player(s) MUST attend, at least, one batting practice at BLD on a Wednesday, so he can be evaluated/rated by the Board. Motion passed 4-0. This change will be included in the appropriate place in the Monday league rules. SB to notify the OOA managers of this modification.