February 27, 2017



IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS);

  1. Feeney (MFe) – end of meeting

    1. Pitching Screen

MV1 pitching screen is in the BLD Lost & Found after the Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT).

  1. Players Leaving/Added – Changes

    SB had a discussion with Blues Brothers manager Steve Staley. Staley acknowledged that he is too busy to manage the team. He will remain a player on the Blues Brother’s roster. SB will take over managing the team for the spring 2017 season.

    John Birtcher had indicated that he wanted to be removed from the Monday league waiting list/pool as he was going to be playing in the Menifee Tu/Th league. After further consideration, Birtcher will not be joining the Tu/Th league. After discussion, it was agreed that Birtcher would remain on the Monday waiting list/pool.

    SB stated that Gary Wojtkowski (Wojo) is interested in joining the Monday league, but only as a pool player. Wojo is 59. JH has also been in contact with Wojo and, up to this point, is the only Board member that has seen him play. Wojo is big guy (6′ 2” +); throws left/bats right; hits ball hard/far; runs well; plays outfield and has a good glove. Based on what he’s observed to this point, JH would rate Wojo a “2.” JH told Wojo that he needs to come to a Monday BP in order to get rated. Wojo is supposed to let JH know when he will attend a BP.


  2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

    SB indicated that we ended with a profit of $4,917. This amount included a check for $25 made out to Wounded Warriors. In process of getting the check properly reissued. RS said to kick in the $70 that was shown as an expense for a Combat Dirty bat that he donated to the tournament. This would change our profit to $4,987.

    SB indicated that we are waiting for tournament photos from RS’s son Corey so they can be posted to the league website.

    Of the 4 dozen balls that were to be purchased by the league for use in the tournament, 45 balls were returned. Two of the balance of 48 were not useable (cuts, etc.) and one is missing. For the most part, the 45 balls look new. The league owes RS $54/dozen for the purchase of these balls.

    SB indicated that there were 3 complaints (Outlaws, Top Gun Nomads, and Hemet) regarding waiting time between games. Sons of Pitches also complained about the length of the tournament (i.e. it being an all-day affair). To accommodate some of this concern during this tournament, SB did schedule the two Hemet teams to play a 5-inning game while the HR derby was in process. The Board discussed that we might want to consider playing some games (particularly the older teams) during the HR derby to minimize the day for, at least, some teams. RS suggested that we might consider scheduling the “younger” teams (where the majority of HR derby participants are) to play at 10:15, and then schedule their two remaining games in the afternoon. These are topics that will be taken into consideration for next year’s tournament.

    SB indicated that there was some confusion by people selling raffle tickets in which tickets were sold but names were not written on the tickets. This was not supposed to happen as we have operated the raffle in such a way as to not require a “winner” to be present in order to claim the prize. As a result, there were 6 raffle tickets with prizes that went unclaimed. By unanimous agreement, without vote, the Board agreed to draw new winners for the remaining prizes. Those selected were: Hana Sushi (Catfish), Pizza Factory (Ed Hustead), American Flag (Bob Fuhrmann), 20 BP softballs (Lou Juarez), 12 Trump BP softballs (Mike Welch), Storm tickets (Orlando Lopez). These winners will be contacted.


  3. General Liability (GL) Insurance

Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH received copies from Stephanie Hopkins, insurance coordinator from SSUSA, of our GL insurance certificate and invoice ($360) for remittance. In response to a question a while back, our GL insurance DOES cover us during BP at BLD but not at other locations. If we want to consider extending coverage to other locations, the Board will have to address this. JH sent an e-mail to the Board on 3/2/17 regarding the above, and included a copy of the insurance invoice.