August 28, 2017 final




IN ATTENDANCE (Board): H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) ABSENT: J. Hansell (JH)

IN ATTENDANCE (Managers): Jack Buss (JB); Jim Ganley (JG); Ed Rushing (ER); Donnie Sternberger (DS);

Glenn Stevenson (GS); Dan Gutierrez (DG); Bob Miller (BM); Rod Schemp (RS) already listed above as board member GUEST: Jim Mangiapane (JM) from Sammy’s Cafe

  1. General Liability Insurance

    SB motioned and RS seconded including in our 2017 fall budget $360 for GL insurance.

    Motion passed 5-0 (which included JH’s proxy vote).


  2. Rule Changes/Additions

    The following rule changes/additions were discussed with the 8 league managers:

    4.b. Out-of-Area Teams

    Teams are required to submit a roster of no more than 14 players to the Board for review/approval.

    The submittal of the roster is to include a 1-6 “provisional rating” (1 is the highest) of each roster player, as follows: two 1s, two 2s, three 3s, three 4s, two 5s, two 6s, with the final approval of such ratings to be made by the Board.

    6. Pickup Players

    When a local team is playing against another local team, if its roster already has three (or more) rostered 1s, by virtue of having replaced a 2-rated player(s) from its roster with a 1-rated player(s) from the waiting list, it may not replace a missing 1 unless it falls below two 1s. (This rule only applies to 1-rated players.)

    7. Substitute (“Sub”) Players

    The sub’s name must appear on the lineup card. 2 types of subs:

    Rostered Subs may not participate in the game except as a base coach, courtesy runner, or late arrival (see 8 below)

    Non-Rostered Subs may not participate in the game except as a base coach, unless he is replacing a player (with the appropriate rating) who is injured during the game or must leave early.

    Subs may play in a suspended version of the game if necessary.


  3. Rating of Out-of-Area Teams

    Out-of-Area team managers DG and BM rated their players as follows: two 1s, two 2s, three 3s, three 4s, two 5s, two 6s

    Both managers then made some very complimentary remarks regarding how well our league is organized, the competition we provide, and how much they enjoy playing in the league.


  4. Addressed questions/issues from all 8 managers

    Without vote, but with the general consensus of the Board, it was agreed to:

    1. identify the pool players who are also on the waiting list. To-date there are no players on the waiting list.

      SB will identify those pool players with a “(W)” next to their name on the Player Rating page on our league website.

    2. enforce Rule 10: “Managers must submit lineup cards to the umpire and opposing manager.” SB will purchase lineup cards.

    Discussed umpires arriving late and calling open inning prior to the 7th inning and before 1 hr 15 min elapses. SB will speak with umpires on these issues.

    Both out-of-area managers requested that due to special circumstances their rosters be increased from 14 to 15 players. This item will be tabled until our next meeting.


  5. Addressed questions regarding draftees from the 6 local managers

    Managers received input from the board and other managers on draftees with whom they were not familiar.

  6. Player Draft of Rounds 1-2

    The draft order was determined and 12 of the 71 draftees were selected in a serpentine fashion in the following order: Manager

    Team A Jack Buss

    Team B Donnie Sternberger

    Team C Jim Ganley

    Team D Glenn Stevenson

    Team E Ed Rushing

    Team F Rod Schemp

    (Subsequent to the meeting, Ed Nicholls was added to the draft list which brought it to its maximum for 6 teams — 72.)


  7. Next Meeting

Our next meeting, Player Draft Rounds 3-12, will be held on August 30.