August 30, 2017




IN ATTENDANCE (Board): H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) ABSENT: J. Hansell (JH)

IN ATTENDANCE (Managers): Jack Buss (JB); Jim Ganley (JG); Ed Rushing (ER); Donnie Sternberger (DS); Glenn Stevenson (GS); Rod Schemp (RS) already listed above as board member

GUESTS: Jim Blanscet (JBl); Jack Brunschmid (JBr); Kent Skidmore (KS); Mike O’Donnell (MOD) via cell phone

  1. Larry Hixson

    The board met prior to the drafting of Rounds 3-12 to discuss Larry Hixson’s request to be added to the list of draftees. Hixson is currently a 1-rated pool player. Also his request came on the morning of 8/30, the Rounds 3-12 draft day.

    Without vote, but with the unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed that since Rounds 1 and 2 had already been drafted on 8/28 and since Hixson would have been drafted in one of those rounds, that he would remain in the player pool and placed on the waiting list to enter the league as a full-time player should either a 1 or 2-rated player drop out.

    SB will update the Player Draft Procedure.


  2. Continued to address questions regarding draftees from the 6 local managers

    Managers continued to receive input from the board and other managers on draftees with whom they were not familiar.


  3. Player Draft of Rounds 3-12

    Continued drafting the remaining 10 rounds of players.

    Managers chose their team color in reverse draft order; i.e.. Team F first, Team E second, etc.:


    Team Color

    Team Name

    Team A



    Team B


    Yellow Snow

    Team C



    Team D



    Team E

    Powder Blue

    Blue Bolts

    Team F

    Royal Blue

    Royal PITA

    Managers who have not chosen a team name were asked to do so. Managers were also asked to contact their players and remind them that their $40 league fee is due at the first game of the 2017 fall season on 9/11.


  4. Increasing out-of-area team rosters from 14 to 15

The board met again to address the out-of-area managers’ request that due to special circumstances their rosters be increased from 14 to 15 players.

North County would like to add a new player to their roster and when Rick Loy, a 2-rated snowbird, returns to their team in December 2017, that they be allowed to keep the new player on the roster as their 15th player.

Without vote, but with the unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed that North County’s request would be denied since, per the league rule, they already have a 14-man roster (local teams have 12) and it ultimately involves permanently adding another player to their roster which would put them over the limit.

(Subsequent to the meeting, Bob Miller/North County was informed of the board’s decision.)

Sammy’s Cafe would like to add Dan Gutierrez, rated a 6 and was a non-playing manager last year, to their roster as their 15th full-time player. This item will be tabled until our next meeting.