April 28, 2017




IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); M. Feeney (MFe); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ);

  1. Schemp (RS);

    1. Update Announcements – per SB
      1. New Facebook (FB) group added – “Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball.” Players can go to this group and sign up. The following quote represents the intended purpose of this new group: “This group is intended to be used for items of interest and as a discussion forum for issues pertaining to our league and senior softball in general. While suggestions for improving the league will be welcome, the group is not to be used for grievances, complaints, or just plain griping nor is it to be a forum for political or other views. Strictly softball. If the intended use of the group is abused, it will be removed.”

      2. Added to Monday league rule 4.e: “A player must pay his league fee prior to his game(s) in the 3rd week of the season and will not be allowed to play until the fee is paid.” This had been approved in a 12/28/11 Board meeting, but did not get added to the league rules.

      3. The following are league player updates:

      3/29 Dickie Bivin (2) out for the season on medical —- Blue Bolts 3/29 Jason Medeiros (1) replaced Dickie Bivin (2) on Blue Bolts

      3/31 Steve Staley (6) out for the season on medical —- Blues Brothers 4/1 Rob Hellman (4) to pool

      4/7 Jon Newell (6) quit. No longer eligible to play in the league —- Blues Brothers 4/11 Larry Hixson (1) to pool

      4/13 Gary Wojtkowski (2) quit pool

    2. Defibrillator – Battery

      SB asked for clarification as to whether we were going to accommodate the cost for a replacement (back-up) battery ($200/100?) in our budget. JH indicated that we had discussed this in our last Board meeting a few months back and, had concluded that given the expected “life” of a battery, that we would not budget to purchase a back-up battery. Based on this, SB indicated that our PROJECTED year-end balance would be $480.73.

    3. New Brandon’s Diner (BD) Players – Ratings

      BD wants to add two replacement players to their 14-man roster. Harold Halderson, 5/22/53, OF, 3 (temporary/BD rating); Chick McKenney, 5/7/56, OF, 2 (temporary/BD rating.) The ratings indicated were assigned by BD. SB/JH/RS were able to view these guys a few weeks ago during BD’s double header. Net result is that none was able to view enough of the two new players to confirm/change their ratings. MF/TJ did not see them play. Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, it was agreed that these two players will retain their “provisional ratings” until such time as the full Board can evaluate their rating levels.

    4. Rule Clarifications
      1. Rule 4.a Rosters (replacing a player): Add “Exception: A 4 may replace a 6.” This is the existing rule; it will be added to the official rule as clarification.

      2. Rule 6 Pickup Players (local vs. out-of-area), paragraph 2: SB suggested to add “Local teams already playing with three (or more) rostered 1s may not pick up another 1.” It was agreed that language clarification is needed on this. JH will work on revised clarification language.

    5. Monday League Proposed Schedule Change – Round #2

      SB proposed that we move the following BLD1 10:30 games to July 3: 5/22, 6/12, 6/19, and move the 12:00 games on those dates up to 10:30. This would eliminate Round #2 doubleheaders for all 6 local teams and eliminates 12:00 games on the aforementioned dates. Also helps to minimize pickup player issues. This would result in slipping the playoffs one week from 7/3 to 7/10 and will cost the league

      $50 more. JH motioned and MFe seconded that the proposed schedule change above be approved and implemented. Motion passed 5-0.

    6. Clarification of Current Rules And Considerations for Fall 2017 Season
      1. Current rule clarification: Rule 6: Pickup Players. If a “local” team has, as example three (3) “1’s” as a result of replacing a roster player “2” with a waiting list “1”, it may not exceed two (2) “1’s” in its lineup when picking up a player for a missing “1”, unless playing an out-of-area team.

        This same criteria will apply when a roster player “3” is replaced with a waiting list “2”, and so on.

      2. Fall 2017: Starting in the fall 2017 season, give consideration to having, as a goal, the out-of-area teams rosters rated as follows: Two “1s”, three “2s”, three “3s’”, two “4s”, two “5s”, two “6s”.

      If an out-of-area team has, as example, three “1s”, and loses one of the “1s”, it will not be able to add a new “1” to its roster. Once one, or both, of the out-of-area teams meets some, or all, of the above suggested changes, the rule regarding local teams being able to pick up a third “1” when playing an out-of-area team will no longer apply. Once both out-of-area teams have satisfied this new criteria, the “1” replacement rule for “local” teams will be removed from the rules. Item (b) will remain an open agenda item.

    7. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

SB awaiting photos from RS’s son Corey to place on the league website. According to RS, the disc/file got corrupted and they’re looking at ways of getting a fix.