July 18, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)
GUESTS: R. Barnhart (RB); G. Stevenson (GS)

1. AED
Repeated attempts to get together with M. Fagan (MFa), AED Program Manager, to discuss status and needs of the AED program have been unsuccessful. Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed that the Board would look to find another person to take over the league’s AED program.
  The Board offers its thanks and appreciation to MFa for handling the AED program during the past few years.

2. General Information
SB stated that as of 6/28, Dan Doleshal (6-rated) has moved out of state.  There was no waiting list player available to assume this open slot.

3. R. Barnhart (RB) Suggestions/Observations
RB offered the following suggestions/observations to the Board for consideration:
a) Reduce the roster of “local” teams from 12 to 11 players, for a total of 66 “local” players in the league.
  His feeling is that this would make the league a little more competitive.  It was discussed that with the current (7/18/18) number of 70 players, and in most years past having 72 players, this would mean anywhere from 4-6 players not being selected during the draft.  It was also discussed that having a maximum of 11 roster players would mean that managers would be having to pick up players even that more often.

b) Players on major+ teams in the 50-60 age brackets should be automatically (with some exceptions) rated a “1”. RB believes this is a more realistic way of rating players who are on major+ teams.  It was discussed that not all players, on any major+ team, are truly “1”-caliber players.  It was also discussed that going to such a rating scheme would be in conflict with how player ratings are presently established:
i.e. through the draft.

c) That game time limit should be removed from the game requirements. RB cited that 4 of his games were called with the 5th inning being the open inning.  He stated that things are not being done by umpires to speed up the game.  He indicated that infield practices are being allowed after the first inning and that umpires are not encouraging players to get on/off the field quickly.  His suggestion is to eliminate the maximum time for a game or go to a 1-1 count.  The Board agreed that this should not be occurring. With a 75 minute game limit, most all games should go 7 innings. SB is to speak to all league umpires regarding this issue.

d) RB observed that the out-of-area (OOA) team Sammy’s Cafe (SC) seems to have strayed from the original geographic area of Ontario/Upland, etc. from which they would recruit players and have picked up roster players from Orange County and other locations.  His feeling is if OOA teams are going to “recruit” players from a broad geographic area that the OOA team(s) be disbanded and players on those “former” teams be placed in the draft.  He feels letting them recruit over a broad geographic base gives them an unfair advantage in stacking their teams.  The Board clarified that when North County (NC) and SC (originally as Brandon’s Diner) first came into the league, their teams were recruiting, primarily, from their original geographic areas. That’s still true for NC, but SC has branched out geographically.  The Board also clarified that it never imposed a geographic limitation on either of the OOA teams.  The Board also indicated that it has imposed roster/rating/pick-up limitations on the OOA teams in the last few years that did not previously exist.
  While it may take some time (by losing roster players) for these OOA teams to come into better balance with the 6 “local” teams, greater parity will come over time.

e) RB feels that to give “concessions” to some managers during the draft and not to all managers is not right.  He feels all managers should get some form of concession or none should get a concession.  
It was mentioned that concessions have been given to would-be managers because of the difficulty of getting players to manage.

4. Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Player Draft and Start of Fall 2018 Season
SB provided the following 3 options for the 2018-2019 season. Option c) is the option, basically, suggested by RB.
a) The Fall 2018/Spring 2019 player draft is scheduled for Mon, Aug 27 and Wed, Aug 29 at Jack Buss’ Pizza Factory/Menifee.
The Fall 2018 season would start on September 10, 2018.
This is, basically, the timeframe in which recent drafts/seasons have occurred.
SUMMARY: Year starts, 9/10/18; Year ends, 7/22/19

b) Moving the draft from 8/27/18 to 8/6/18 and schedule start from 9/10/18 to 8/13/18,
the Fall 2018 season tournament would be played 6 weeks earlier (12/17/18 instead of 1/28/19)
than with option a). SCHEDULE – option a): off 7/22/19 – 9/10/19; option b): off 6/10/19 – 8/12/19)
SUMMARY: Year starts, 8/13/18; Year ends, 6/10/19

c) Moving the draft from 8/27/18 to 8/20/18 and the schedule start from 9/10/18 to 8/27/18,
the Fall 2018 season tournament would be played 6 weeks earlier (12/17/18 instead of 1/28/19)
than with option a). SCHEDULE: – option a): off 7/22/19 – 9/10/19; option c): off 5/20/19 – 8/26/19)
SUMMARY: Year starts, 8/27/18; Year ends, 5/20/19.

The above assumes: Options a), b) – 8 teams, no rainouts, no doubleheaders
Option c) – 8 teams, no rainouts, two doubleheaders/team/season

Pros/cons for each option were discussed. JH motioned and RS seconded, that subject to SB completing a schedule for final review by the Board, that the Board adopt option c) for the 2018/2019 year.
Motion passed 5-0.

(Subsequent to this Board meeting, on 7/23, SB e-mailed a proposed game schedule for the fall 2018 season to the Board for review.)

(Subsequent to this Board meeting, on 7/20, SB met with Adrian Williams/BLD director and was told that BLD would be available on Labor Day.  Playing on Labor Day would reduce the number of doubleheaders/team from 2 to 1 during the 2018 fall season, have less impact on picking up players on three of the days originally scheduled for doubleheaders, and would not change the start/end of the 2018/2019 year.)

5. Draft List/Player Ratings
The roster of projected players for the 2018/2019 year (70 as of today), was given individual player ratings (1-6) by the Board. This will be a tool provided to managers to use during the 2018/2019 draft.

6. Managers for 2018/2019 Year
2017/2018 managers Buss, Rushing, Sternberger, and Stevenson are not expected to manage for 2018/2019.  Although not yet contacted, it is hopeful that Jim Ganley will again manage for 2018/2019. RS has graciously agreed to manage for the upcoming year.  During the Board meeting, RS contacted Kent Skidmore, who has agreed to manage for the 2018/2019 year.  Players Andy Bullington and Mike Graves have been contacted about managing.


7. Assigning New Players to a Team – Policy
JH will update applicable policies relating to assigning new players to a team to include OOA teams for review at an upcoming Board meeting.  In the 6/1/18 Board meeting, the Board approved a motion that when an OOA team wants to permanently replace/add a roster player, the proposed player(s) MUST attend, at least, one batting practice at BLD on a Wednesday, so he can be evaluated/rated by the Board.

8. HR 1-Up Rule in Open Inning
Issue: When in the 1-up, the home team is always allowed to hit one more HR than the visiting team.
Recommendation from SB: Add the following to Rule 16, “The home team may go 1 up in the open inning(s).”
JH offered the following clarification of the 1-up rule to be added to Rule 16: “Once each team has hit four (4) home runs, irrespective of which half-inning is in play, the team at bat may hit one (1) more home run.  The 1-up provision will, then, continue to apply throughout the course of a game.  Thus, both teams may, during the course of a game be able to hit more than four (4) home runs.  As example, the home team can hit its fifth (5th), or more, home run in the bottom of the open inning.”
SB felt the proposed JH addition was too long and clarification to the 1-up rule was only needed relative to the open inning.

Without vote, but with the general consensus of the Board (JH dissented), the following will be added to
Rule 16: “The home team may go 1-up in the open inning(s).”

9. Rule 5 Under Offense
SB proposed the following language be added to Rule 5:
“Managers must include on the lineup card:
a) all roster players attending the game unless injured or have some other valid excuse;
b) all non-roster substitute players who may have to replace other players later in the game.
NOTE: roster players cannot be used as substitutes.”

The Board agreed that roster players attending a game who are not injured or without some other valid excuse, must be included in the batting order.  The Board also agreed that the NOTE above should not be included in the revised rule.

JH motioned and HA seconded that the following be added to Rule 5:
“Managers must include on the line-up card:
a) all roster players attending the game, unless injured or have other valid excuse, must be included in the batting order, and
b) all non-roster substitute players who may have to replace other players later in the game.”
Motion approved 4-0.

10. Other Agenda Items
On 7/11, SB was approached by team manager Tony Avila, regarding So. Cal Warriors 65AAA joining our league. SB is waiting to hear from Avila regarding their true interest.