2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Tournament

Thank You from WW2



The 2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Project Benefit Tournament was held on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at the Big League Dreams Sports Park in Perris, CA.  This event, hosted by Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball, honored the wounded veterans of the military actions following the events of September 11, 2001; as well as those members of our armed forces (both past and present) for their service, dedication, and sacrifices for our country.

Over 300 players, family, and friends attended this year’s festivities.  An opening ceremony, 24 softball games, a Home Run Derby, and a raffle were all part of the day’s activities.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony began at 8:15 am with the presentation of the colors.  The presentation was led by retired Air Force Technical Sergeant Roy Lantz, a volunteer member of the Riverside National Cemetery Memorial Honor Detail, accompanied by current active duty members of the United States Air Force Honor Guard stationed at March Air Force Base.

Bob Fuhrmann, a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from 1968-1969 and a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient, threw out the first pitch.  He was assisted by our Menifee Tuesday/Thursday league commissioner Ed Hustead, a World War II and Korean War veteran.

Tournament Games

Seventeen teams competed in the four-division tournament format with four games played on each of the six fields
The division champions were:
Recreational League Division – Hemet #1 team
65+ Division – Brandon’s Diner
70+ Division – Paradise Chevrolet
Competitive League Division – Grant’s Posse

Home Run Derby

Tom Jadwin won the Home Run Derby.  Jack Brunschmid was the runner up.  Fifteen players participated in this event.

The Raffle

Over 50 prizes were raffled off throughout the afternoon; including a softball bat, television, Angels tickets, boombox, and team discounts on team jerseys.

100% of the net profit from the tournament goes to the Wounded Warriors — $5,008.

Like all big endeavors, there are always lessons learned.  And next year’s tournament promises to be bigger and better.

Divisions / Teams

Recreational League Teams65+ Tournament Teams70/75+ Tournament TeamsCompetitive League Teams
H1 - Hemet 165A - FV Outlaws 65AAA70A - Cal Crush 70AAAGP - Grant's Posse 60AAA
H2 - Hemet 265B - Git-R-Done 65AA 70B - Git-R-Done 70AAMV - Monday League/BLD Perris 60 Major
MSSL1 - Menifee 1 (Red) 65C65C - MSSL Tourney Team 65AAA70C - Paradise Chevrolet 70 AAATG1 - Top Gun 65AAA
MSSL1 - Menifee 1 (Red) 65C65D - Brandon's Diner 65AAA70D - Sons of Pitches 70 AAATG2 - Top Gun Mavericks 65 Major
75 - Top Gun 75AAA

Schedule / Field Assignments

8:15Opening Ceremony
8:30MSSL1 (Red) - H165A - 65B65C - 65D70A - 70B70C - 70DTG2 - MV
10:00MSSL2 (White) - H275 - 70A70B - 70CGP - TG165A - 65C65B - 65D
11:30Raffle - Part I
11:30 -12:30Home Run Derby
12:30Raffle Part II
12:3070D - 75MSSL1 (Red) - H2TG2- TG165C - 65BGP - MV70A - 70C
2:00Raffle Part III
2:0070B - 70DMSSL2 (White) - H1TG2- GPTG1 - MV65A - 65D75 - 70C


DivisionsWonLost Runs Scored  Runs Allowed 
Recreational League Teams:
H1 - Hemet 1201421813
H2 - Hemet 211208715
MSSL1 - Tu/Th Menifee 1 (Red)11815148
MSSL2 - Tu/Th Menifee 2 (White)027132021
65+ Tournament Teams:
65A - FV Outlaws 65AAA​0321813221220
65B - Git-R-Done 65AA21221719212612
65C - MSSL Tournament Team 65AAA1213121216819
65D - Brandon's Diner 65AAA30162620131713
70+/75+ Tournament Teams:
70A - Cal Crush 70AAA1220147121513
70B - Git-R-Done 70AA03121220202021
70C - Paradise Chevrolet 70AAA30(1)202013(21)15127(22)
70D - Sons of Pitches 70AAA21151521201420
75 - Top Gun 75 AAA21151422141521
Competitive League Teams:
GP - Grant's Posse 60AAA21191622103019
MV - Monday League/BLD Perris 60 major (Exhibition Team)3023302315168
TG1 - Top Gun 65AAA0310108192423
TG2 - Top Gun Mavericks 65 major12152419231022