February 15, 2023


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER) ; G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. Modification to Rule 7. Late Roster Arrival Rule
No discussion.  Item remains open.

b. 9. Make safety bag plays safer
RECOMMENDATION: If a throw or play pulls the fielder into foul territory, allow him to touch the safety base to put out the batter-runner.  SSUSA revised rule.
JH to draft language that is more realistic in its application.
No discussion.  Item remains open.

c. JH – modify MVUDSS Rule 22. to give the Board the flexibility to hold single- or double-elimination tournaments.
Without vote, but with unanimous Board consensus, the following changes will be made to Rule 22:

An 2-day single-elimination tournament will be held during seasons with less than 15 regular season games per team.  The Board will consider all factors which may impact conducting a tournament and, at its sole discretion, will determine whether a single- or double-elimination tournament is most practical.
Tournament format TBD based on the number of teams. See Schedule.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB posted the above change on the league website.)  Item closed.

d. SB – generate a 9-team double-elimination end-of-season playoff schedule for the 2023 Spring Season.
Without vote, but with unanimous Board consensus, the Board agreed to a double-elimination tournament to complete the Spring 2023 season.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB completed on 2/4/23 and emailed to Board members.)
Item closed.

2. 2022 Fall Season

Projected Balance:
$271.61 – from 2/3/2023 meeting
– $30.00 – umpire for one playoff game

3. 2023 Spring Season

a., b., d. below require Board approval.

a. Start date February 27, 2023 running through June 5, 2023.
Without vote, but with unanimous Board consensus, the Board agreed to start the Spring 2023 season on 2/27/23 and end on 6/5/23.
This is predicated on no rainouts or cancellations for other reasons.  

b. A truncated 8-game (“seeding” games) regular season with either a (1) combined SE/DE or (2) only DE playoff (not a tournament) to determine the league champions.
As indicated in 1.d. above, the Board approved a DE tournament for the Spring 2023 season, and without vote, but with unanimous Board consensus, the Board agreed to a truncated 8-game regular Spring season followed by a DE tournament. 

c. Projected Balance based on a. b. and d. approval:

(1) Combined SE/DE playoffs:   

    $183.84 (based on $35 league fee) – 1 round with SE/DE playoff format of 11 games max.
+    $67.87 – awards: 12 trophies instead of 12 sweatshirts
 –  $175.00 – 5 more players dropping out at $35/player league fee x 5 players
.                     (Robertson, Olivas, Bratcher, Bill Newman, Jerry Smith

(2) only DE playoffs:
.     $76.71
– $150.00 – add’l umpire fee for 17 game max. DE playoff format instead of 12 game max. SE/DE playoff format

d. $35/player league fee

Prior to the vote on the player league fee, there was concern expressed by some Board members about having a deficit going into the Spring 2023 season.  Further concern was expressed as to possibly needing to cover unexpected expenses such as repair and/or purchase of a new pitching screen, etc.  It was stated that it’s simply a cash flow issue to manage the projected small deficit and that the league has been in this position a few times in the past.

JH motioned and ER seconded to set a $35/player league fee for the Spring 2023 season.
Motion passed 5-0.

4. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament 2023 (BKMT6)

a. 20 teams – per SB, 13 teams have paid, 5 stated the check is in the mail, and 2 indicated they will pay at the field.
SB indicated that there is also one team on the waiting list.

b. Projected Net Profit: $2,984.50 + donations

c. Assignments

SB – will contact Tom Lowry (BLD) to get tables for tournament and tables at entry for BLD waivers to be signed.  Previously provided via email, final bracketing and field assignments were approved “electronically” by the majority of the Board.
SB brought game/backup and home run derby balls for distribution to Board members.  GS and RB took balls for the tournament.
GS – will handle the HR Derby.  The Board agreed to take a hard look at the HR Derby this year, and if it doesn’t meet “expectations” to either scrap it in future tournaments or review to see if it can be tweaked to attract more participants.
ER – will bring a couple of empty buckets to use for retrieving HR Derby balls in the outfield.
RB – will establish the umpire schedule now that the bracketing/times and field assignments are set.
There will be six (6) umpires, including RB.
JH – will put together Bob Kapeller’s personal “items” for tournament display.

5. Open items from previous meetings
GS – update Player Finder to include local players having byes.  This became an issue, this past season, for the first time in league history.  It’s not expected to happen again, unless there are similar circumstances impacting the league schedule.  As such, this does not have a high priority for GS.
Item remains open.

6.  League Umpires
RB discussed that permanent league umpire Rudy Magana has not been reliable for MVUDSS, nor for umpiring in Marv Ruddell’s tournaments, and that we should look to find another permanent umpire.  SB and JH discussed that Darin Rossi has expressed a desire to come back “full time”.  SB will contact Darin to determine his interest.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB spoke to Darin, who has agreed to come back.  Darin will start on 2/27/23.)

7.  Wednesday Play Dates – MVUDSS
Due to the shortened Spring 2023 season, RB suggested that we notify league managers and all players of the necessity to play on Wednesdays if games are postponed.  (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 2/16/23, SB sent an email to all league players describing this, as well as other pertinent aspects of the Spring 2023 season.)  Item closed.

8.  Equipment Responsibility
GS will have equipment responsibility for Spring season, opening day, on February 2/27/23.

JH will prepare a spread sheet with Board member responsibilities for equipment.  RB indicated that he will be gone on Monday, 3/6/23.  Item remains open.  

9. Roster Changes – REDACT this agenda item only IF NO CHANGES from last board meeting.
(Changes, if any, identified in red below.)

a. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):

8/15/22: Mike Morrison dropped out of pool, moved/moving to Missouri
8/22/22: Hank Alberts (6) dropped out — Sons of Arthritis (C) missing a 6 — 9/26/22 Don Kingwill (5) added
9/4/22:   Matt Smith (5) dropped out— Sons of Arthritis (C) missing a 5
9/26/22: Mike Trusty (5) dropped out   — Greyhounds (G) missing a 5
10/3/22:  Andy Bullington (2) to pool — Gold Standard (D) missing a 2 — 11/28/22:  Robb Braun (3) added
10/31/22: Bill Gillette (2) dropped out — Red Raiders (E) missing a 2 — 11/28/22:  Harold Halldorson (2) added

12/19/22: Frank Camou (3) dropped out — Blue Bolts (B) missing a 3 — 12/27/22:  Nate Randolph (3) added
12/27/22: Nate Randolph (3) dropped out of pool
1/9/23:     Ray Sikes (2) dropped out  — Roadrunners (F) missing a 2 — 1/9/23: Ernie Regalado (4) added
1/12/23:   Ernie Regalado (4) dropped out of pool
2/27/23:   Rob Robertson (1) dropped out — Marooned (A) missing a 1
2/27/23:   Bill Newman (2) dropped out — Gold Standard (D) missing a 2
2/27/23:   Tel Preszler (3) dropped out — Red Raiders (E) missing a 3
2/27/23:   Steve Baranick (5) moved to pool — Marooned (A) missing a 5
2/27/23:   Jerry Smith (5) dropped out — Gold Standard (D) missing a 5
2/27/23:   Lou Bratcher (6) dropped out — Marooned (A) missing a 6
3/13/23:   Dan Olivas (3) will be dropping out — Marooned (A) missing a 3

8/8/22:   — Blue Bolts (B) missing a 6
8/8/22:   — Roadrunners (F) missing a 6
8/8/22:   — Gold Standard (D) missing a 6
8/8/22:   — Greyhounds (G) missing a 6
8/8/22:   — Red Raiders (E) missing a 6

The Board discussed the need to clarify Ruben Escobedo’s (RE) situation.  Given the amount weeks/games he played during the Fall 2022-2023 season, he will be offered the slot on Team E, Red Raiders. SB will contact RE.  (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB spoke to RE, who accepted his assignment to Team E.  SB notified Team E manager Joe Jennings of this fact.)

b. Waiting List Players (in eligibility order):

7/10/22:   Mike Graves (4, drafted as a 4) — will call when ready to play
8/8/22:    Harold Halldorson (1, drafted as a 2) — will call when ready to play
10/31/22: Terry Shinn (1) — will call when ready to play

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